Which ad formats should I choose?

When you monetize your videos, you have the choice between a range of different monetization options.

We recommend that you activate all ad types to maximize monetization. Note: Some countries don't have access to all ad formats.

Good to know before you read: CPM = Cost per 1000 views of the ad for the advertiser. You receive a % of this amount (after YouTube and Network Cuts).

This is what your monetization tab should look like:


Note: Mid-roll ad breaks may not be available to you if your video is shorter than 10:00. Also ensure that your Usage policy for the video is "Monetize in all countries".

- Display ads (required): Desktop only ads that show up next to the video (as pictured). These usually have the lowest CPM.
- Overlay ads: Desktop only ads that show up over the video, inserted automatically at various times throughout the video (if this format is enabled).
- Sponsored cards: New cross-platform ad format that shows up in the cards tab of your video, usually promoting products/services directly connected to your video.
- Non-skippable video ads: Cross-platform ad format that shows up before, during, or after your video (depending on what you enable).
- Skippable video ads: Same as above, but skippable by viewers after 5 seconds. These usually have the highest CPM.

Note: If you only activate the most expensive/highest earning ad type, that doesn't mean you'll be making more revenue. You will simply lose all other sources of monetization.

Bulk: If you have many uploads to monetize, you can use Batch Actions to mass-monetize your videos.


Make sure to set your Usage policy when editing Ad formats to ensure that all videos are monetized.
You can also enable Automatic mid-roll ads on videos longer than 10:00 by editing the Ad breaks. We do recommend however that you manually find moments appropriate for Ad breaks in your videos.

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