How and when you get paid by Paragon

Payment Schedule

Paragon now pays creators by the 15th of every month (usually the 10th)! Here is how we pay our creators, following YouTube's payout schedule:

August earnings are reported on September 15th and paid out by October 15th.
September earnings are reported on October 15th and paid out by November 15th.
October earnings are reported on November 15th and paid out by December 15th.

Payment Methods

Depending on your country of residence and your monthly earnings, you can have access to the following payment methods:
- PayPal: International - All Creators.
- ACH/US Direct Deposit: US Only - Creators earning $100+, contact Support/Partner Manager.
- Cheque: US, CA, UK - Creators earning $5,000+, contact Support/Partner Manager.
- Wire Transfers: International - Creators earning $1,000+, contact Support/Partner Manager.

Coming soon:
- UK Direct Deposit: UK Only, Creators earning $1,000+.
- Western Union, International, Creators earning $5,000+.
- and more! If you have suggestions/inquiries, contact Support.

Questions? Contact our Support team!

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