Can Paragon get my YouTube channel verified?

The YouTube Verified tick is a badge applied to a channel that appears next to their name on their channel homepage, video page, and alongside their comments. It does not affect your placement in search rankings.

YouTube has changed the criteria required for the attribution of this badge several times. Since the end of August 2016, YouTube has decided to reserve this tick for content creators with over 100,000 subscribers, and for brands established outside of YouTube. Creators who received a tick before this date should be keeping their tick.

Important note: Changing your Channel Name on Google+ will remove your verified tick, and you will be obliged to re-apply and meet the latest requirements if you would like to restore the tick on your channel.

If you are a creator with over 100,000 subscribers and you are not yet verified, please contact your Paragon Partner Manager or Paragon Support so that we can promptly submit you.

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